Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Unit

The title of my unit is going to be, "Statistics: Analyzing Data using the Stock Market". The students are going to explore measures of central tendency, bar graphs, histograms, using graphs to predict, and using data to predict. The students will also be discussing misleading statistics during this unit. This unit will have the students exploring different stocks on the stock market in order to explore those various mathematical statistical representations. My essential question is, "Are we mislead in our daily lives?". My unit questions are, "How is statistical data misleading?", and "How can we represent statistical data so it isn't misleading?". My content questions are "What is statistical data?", "How do we represent statistical data?", "What are some ways that statistical data is used?", and "How can we use graphs and data to predict?".


  1. I think your questions are very good. I think all of your questions are very thought provoking and would be debatable. Sounds like a great unit!

  2. Wow, what an exciting unit. I think this is great because this unit has students thinking about real life situation. I can see where students will take this skill and use it in the future. I think this unit will make students less gullible about what they see on TV and on the web.
    I was wondering if you could rephrase your EQ question to one that is not a yes or no answer? Maybe something like How are we mislead….? Or In what way are we mislead….?

  3. You seem to have a good handle on your unit. Depending on your focus, your EQ might also be "What is Truth?" or "Is That True?" This unit should give you some good statistical information.